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League of Legends 1v1 Tournament 1 – TeamTrees

To launch our new community as well as to support TeamTrees, we have set up a 1v1 tournament. In the finals, the players will get some quests to complete. For every quest completed, we will be donating a sum to TeamTrees. Winner receives any epic skin by choice in League and a special role on our discord server.

To join this tournament, assign yourself the @Tournament role by reacting on the tournament message under #assign-roles
Discord Link:

The Quests for the finals are:

Quest Amount
Play Ivern, Neeko, Ivern or Zyra (Stacks up)$1
Win without using HP shrines$1
Win without buying any items$5
Win with the Rune “Guardian”$5
Win with a difference of 50 CS$2
Win without taking any damage$2
Win with 0 CS$2
Play Ivern, Neeko, Maokai or Zyra in EVERY game$5

For all the completed quests, we will be adding up the amounts together and donate the total to TeamTrees.

League of Legends 1v1 Tournament
Server: EU West
Date & Time: Saturday, November 16th 2019 6:00 PM CET
Format: 1v1
Registration open at #tournament-register (Type in your Summoner name on EUW) Game Map & Type: Howling Abyss
Time limit: 15 minutes. (Matches longer than this become a draw and neither player advances to the next round)
Rounds: Quarter and Semi Finals will be best of 3. Finals will be best of 5.

Read the rules to see what must be done in the games.
1. Don’t be super salty
2. the champ you get first time round is the champ you play in the tournament.
3. No racism, sexism, homophobiac slurs or rank shaming.
4. The tournament is just for fun, don’t complain about losing, there will be more tournaments in the future!

Rules of games:
1 – The games will be played on the butchers bridge/howling abyss map. Schedule will be available on the play date. It will last between 6PM – 8PM.
2 -Warnights will be making the lobbies, you will be against whichever player 3 You’re matched against through this website. It’s completely random.
3 – Once you enter champ select, you must not leave the game. If you leave champ select, be that through “Disconnect, computer problems, or your own doing” you will be disqualified.
4 – The first person to get one of the following will win in the first round (First Blood, First Tower, First to 100 CS)
5 – After you get one of the winning requirements please print screen your scoreboard as proof. If you don’t know how to printscreen, use this Just to make sure people who refuse to admit their loss don’t cause trouble.
6- In the later rounds, me or one of the admins will be in the games to monitor who wins.

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