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S10 Loading Screens – Custom Mod

Season 10 in League of Legends is starting in 5 Days!

Riot Games has released these 5 banners in game which will show up in the client 1 at a time every day, counting down the days left till season 10 is Live. They are for Urgot, rengar, Azir, Kai’sa and Nami. I have turned these banners into in-game splash arts. Here is an example of kai’sa on how it will look like in game:

The same will happen for the 4 other champions with this mod. It’s a nice little touch in my opinion. What do you think? Let me know in the comments which mod you would like to see next for which champions with which art!

Download & Install

  1. Download S10 Loading Cards.
  2. Download the Fantome app from
  3. Extract and Launch Fantome.
  4. Drag & Drop the skin onto Fantome (Or select add Mod).
  5. Start a game with Fantome still running.
  6. Enjoy the skin!

Fantome Video Guide

If you need help with installing, feel free to ask around on the Discord server. Leave comment on what you thought about this post or what you would like to see from us next.
Join us on Discord, We give out many rewards during events, tournaments and giveaways to fans as well as creators every week!


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