Gaming Music of the week #1

Gaming Music of the week #1

Welcome to Gaming Music of the week. Every week we will be sharing Gaming Music that we find and put them together into 1 post for all of you to enjoy!

Katia Kay – Tension (Official Audio)

This song is by an upcoming artist named Katia Kay. She is from the United states and occasionally streams League of Legends games on twitch ( This song sounds so amazing and deserves a lot more attention. Go check it out and judge for yourself!

Nea – Some Say

This song is pretty much close to perfection. It sounds similar to a song named Blue which everyone knows about. It’s so calming and a perfect song to just have some chill gameplay to. If you want it to be a bit more upbeat as well, here is the remix:

Allie X – Downtown

A song of which the video looks kinda creepy, but the music is so damn good. It’s a song that came out 3 years ago and eventually did grow pretty big. Definitely deserves more attention for the quality of the song.

This will be all for Gaming music of the week. share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. If there are any songs that you created which you want removed from this page, send me a message on Discord or write me a mail by using the contact form.
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