Gaming Music of the week #3

Gaming Music of the week #3

Welcome to Gaming Music of the week. Every week we will be sharing Gaming Music that we find and put them together into 1 post for all of you to enjoy!

Nina Chuba – Jungle

This is a pretty short song, but it sounfs incredibly good with a nice beat to it.

Zara Larsson – Love Me Land

This song is a bit different to me, yet it is really catchy and easy to listen to on loop.

Ava Max – Who’s Laughing Now

This song got released a few days ago. A slower vibe to the song but the beat is pretty nice and the whistling is a big plus

This will be all for Gaming music of the week. share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. If there are any songs that you created which you want removed from this page, send me a message on Discord or write me a mail by using the contact form.
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