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Valorant Highlights Week #32 – 1 V 1 ME BABY

Valorant gameplay for week #32 Hey guys, I am back again I was on vacation getting my pilot license for remotely aircraft systems and guess what I have it!! YAY

I haven’t been playing valorant but I am still watching videos and clipt to share it with you guys!

This time, new tactics on valorant trying different stuff and remembering that sometimes you just have to play the passive, because once you risk it all, you might lose the round, and yes that happened on Valorant this week. Different cross angles and unusual spots to camp to give the enemy team a kill. Enjoy the fails but also win on Valorant.

If you want to get a featured in the next video leae a comment behind and send us your video. you can also watch me play games at

Join us on Discord, We give out many rewards during events, tournaments and giveaways to fans as well as creators every week!


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