Skin Creators

Here is a list of all our custom skin creators at Oberon Kingdom.
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Has created the best skins on the website. You can think of Dark Hunter Talon, Mermaid Princess Nami and pretty much all the Katarina skins on the website. The one and only Empress of Custom Skins!

Nicole Skins

Creator of the Original Beemo skin before Riot created the official skin. Has made a lot of remodels for skins that give a new thematic to the champions.


Does a bit of everything on the website including the creation of Custom Skins. Well known for his anime and cartoon skins but also makes a lot of troll skins.


The best Voice Over artist in the custom skins world. If you ever hear a custom voiceover in game, it’s probably created by him. The best of the best!


When you think of Hyperdimension Neptunia and League of Legends at the same time, you have to think of MuvLuv as well. One of the best creators alive!


The best HUD creator in the custom skin world. Has made so many of them that you will never be bored of using any of her HUD’s.

Baby Bunny

Has some of the best skin concepts that are turned into custom skins. One of the top creators of Mapskins and now an official member of Oberon Kingdom.


Formerly known as PentaQueen. Has turned some of the most gorgeous looking models into League of Legends skins. Creator of Black Canary Vi, the last video ever on the Skin Showcase Youtube Channel.


Formerly known as YoloHagrid. Infamous for creating Trashcan Riven. Has made some of the best troll skins out there. Also has some really good skins such as Digimaster Quinn that puts him amongst the top custom skin creators in the world.

Devils Charm

One of the most active members of Mapskins and now an official member of Oberon Kingdom. Creator of the amazing Death Blossom Rek’Sai skin.

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