Oberon Kingdom is a website that is created to allow people to chase their dreams and make it become reality. Since the launch in January 2020, the website has grown a lot and some of the ategories outgrew the other. Since we don’t want to make 1 certain category feel way more important than the other one, we decided to create seperate websites for them and this grew to be a great decision. This has inspired us to seek out more projects in this way. On this page you can see all these projects that started at Oberon Kingdom and grew enough to become their very own platform.

Skin Empire

Skin Empire is a custom skin website for League of Legends which started as Oberon Skins in 2020. In 2021 when the audience became much larger than anticipated, Skin Empire moved to a new domain known as https://lolskinempire.com/

Balor Skins

Similar to Skin Empire, Balor Skins is a website that launched on the same day. This website however focusses only on creating skin spotlights. Mainly for League of Legends, but it will also featre skin spotlights for mods in other games. The website is known as https://balorskins.com/

Stream Terra

What started of as an idea for the streamer known as Mishell_tv which was the Egg Box, ended getting a bigger picture along the way. The Egg Box was meant to be a small group of streamers that work together and make awesome content. From this idea grew a new project known as Stream Terra, which is a project where people who know nothing about streaming get educated to become a partner one day. The website is open for everyone to join at https://streamterra.com/

There are a lot more projects currently in the works or coming in the future from Oberon Kingdom. These are the 3 biggest projects running by Oberon Kingdom at the moment. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest developments and join us on discord to be part of the community!