Oberon Kingdom is a website that is created for gamers, by gamers. When you look around the website you will see various sections dedicated to a different aspect of gaming. We are working together with new streamers. We have custom skins creators for league of legends that share their work in the custom skins section. The average gamer can share their gameplay videos under the gaming section. However, some gamers have talents that go beyond the gaming world. we have created the Life of Oberon section for them where they can share, stories, art and much more. Everyone loves to watch movies, series or anime. We have created the review section for everyone to share their thoughts on something they have recently watched with the rest of the world.

Oberon is the name of the King of Fairies. The goal of Oberon Kingdom is to give everyone a pair of wings so they can fly off and turn everything truly magical.

If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ at the end of this Page. If you would like to have a direct conversation with us, feel free to join us on Discord by pressing the button below!

Oberon Kingdom Logo

Here you can see the making of the Oberon Kingdom Logo, Created by https://www.instagram.com/studiokarah/



26, NL, Electrical Engineer
Favourite Games: League of Legends, Genshin Impact
Favourite Food: Chicky Nuggies & Lasagne

Hey there, My name is Nakib, also known as PentaKing. I started as PentaKing back in 2014 when I was an admin on Mapskins.com. After Mapskins was removed in 2017, I started working on a couple of new projects:

IRL I’ve studied Electrical Engineering. After graduating, I have been working as an R&D employee at Bosch Global and I am currently working as a lead developer for an export company. in 2022 I started my own company known as Penta Kingdom where I work as a web developer and am then owner of a merchstore known as Merchgrounds. I love travelling and meeting new people so I’m pretty much everywhere in Europe at any given time. Feel free to message me through social media: https://linktr.ee/PentaKingTV


I love spending time on my online business, mostly the marketing part since I get to see many data. The marketing part allows me to speak through social media with the community, and I enjoy that. I want to read more books this year to improve my knowledge about different topics. My goal is to try and read one book each month. I don’t work out but one of the things that I promised my self in 2020 is to work out more! I I Stream on Twitch. I am a user of twitch since back in the old days when xplit was a thing I used to make world of warcraft videos, and Athene was not a cult (meme) I have always been a gamer. I am part of the community since 2011-08-19. I know it has been more than that since I know about justin.tv and xplit. (my name on twitch is Warnights) Enough about myself! I am the one who is going to be promoting content on the social media of Oberon only Facebook and Twitter, doing community events and giveaways. Also, I will be responsible for some content like gameplay streams podcast and more!


Hi, I am David, better known as Daweed, as in Weed (hehe). This is how I usually introduce myself. I am too lazy to write about myself so Nakib is writing this section for me cause he knows me better than anyone else. I have been working on the Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra posts that everyone can find on the website. Yes I know, the preview images are amazing. I am usually on the Oberon Podcast every Saturday and that’s pretty much the important things about my role at Oberon Kingdom.

Admin Alumni

Here is a list of all the admins that helped us build up this website, but are no longer part of the admin team:

My name is Daniel aka Dann. I’m a streamer at Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/hi_im_Dann) since September 2019. I have always been a fan of streaming and content creating for League. Here in the Oberon Kingdom, I take care of writing stories that will let you guys know a little bit more about myself and who I really am, I also do coaching videos and overall league related content. If you want to know more about me or what I do, feel free to follow me at my twitch or even my instagram (mrdanntv).

Helllooooo, I am Nicole and I have been creating Custom skins for LoL since 2016. When I started I made a bunch of skins and I like to believe that I have quite ascended in the creation. Since Fantome has been created, I got back into creating custom skins after the arrival of WAD Files broke all the custom skins. My role at Oberon Kingdom is to provide the best content related to skins on the site and to help as many people as possible with creating their own. You can find all my skins at https://oberonkingdom.com/author/enchantingnicole/

My name is Justin aka Ceth. I’m Dj and a Dubstep/Hybrid Trap producer since december 2k18 and I’m doing all the stuff around music for the Oberon Kingdom. I’m doing things like, creating weekly playlists for gaming or what ever you are doing and trying to make some Flips or Remixes from any type of songs (preferable League songs :D). I also made the intro for the Oberon Kingdom Youtubechannel. If you wanna hear more music from me you can follow me on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/user-368032287) or Instagram (ceth_official).

Better known as the God of Oberon Kingdom. A whole story has been created about our one and only god. You can read it here: https://oberonkingdom.com/2020/02/11/origin-of-racco/


Q: Who are you?
A: We are Oberon Kingdom. Gamers and friends who decided to build a site together for everyone to enjoy.

Q: What are you trying to do?
A: We are trying to build a community for gamers where different people can come together into 1 place and start playing together and get to know about new games. We are trying to make the website a place where gamers never get bored with nothing to do.

Q: What is in it for us if we join this community?
A: Simply said, we offer you creative freedom to work on something you love to do and allow you to show it to the world for everyone to see. We are also creating a postive and safe environment for everyone who joins and do not tolerate any form of toxicity from any of our members.

Q: Do you get any profit for this site or project?
A: This is a non-profit project which we are all building up with the sole purpose of making it more fun for gamers. We are not receiving any income from our content and all the revenue from advertisements go into the hosting of the domain. All excessive revenue is given back to the community through Events and Tournaments.

Q: When did the site go live?
A: The site is live since the 28th of October 2019. However, The project started on January 1st 2020. We have updated the website a lot since then and the biggest update came on the 10th of July 2020 where we are happy with how the site looks like at the current state after experimenting many things. We are expanding categories as time goes but we are maintaining the layout as it currently is.

Q: Are custom skins bannable?
A: Using Fantome or LCS Manager is not bannable. Riot stated: “No software should interfere with the League of Legends player experience between when you press “Play” and the end of game screen.”
These apps do not interfere with this statement and there hasn’t been a single case about a ban for using these apps by Riot. The apps are available open source as well so everyone can take a look at them to ensure that they are safe to use.

Q: How can I make posts for this website?
A: Check out our Join us page to be guided step by step on how to join us and create your own posts.