MHW – Killing Shara Ishvalda With A LightBow Gun (LAST BOSS)

Shara Ishvalda How To KIll

Monster hunter world Iceborne, wondering how to kill the end boss of iceborne? After days of playing in the guiding lands (you will be able to go to the guiding lands after this boss) I decided to go back and kill him solo.

Really fun once you know the mechanics and little tricks you gathered in the guiding lands. So share Ishvalda is an elder dragon that lives in the guiding lands. Shara Ishvalda has 2 phases; you will see how phase 1 starts by just watching the video since this is optional. It will look different than the first fight after you kill the ruiner nergigante. Enjoy how I kill Shara Ishvalda with my lightbow gun.

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