Valorant Highlights Week #22 – BETA IS OVER!

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Valorant gameplay for week #22 The most insane kills on Valorant. The end of the beta is near, let’s watch the last plays before the beta ends.
Big highlights and gameplay for this week. Next week we are gonna have random players submit their videos to Valorant highlights. If you don’t know how… watch the video till the end.

I just got my Valorant key from riot games, and the character that I enjoy playing is cypher he looks calm and can do a lot of thing on the map.
I have been getting a lot of AFK players in Valorant. This time I win a match against five people with one afk on my team, it was a close match. I am sure if you get more points if you win like this, but the creators need to do something about these afk people all the time if you want to learn how I play cypher on valorant watch.

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