52 Chicken Nugget Punishment

During world championship finals of league of legends, we at oberon kingdom made a but for which team would win. The people who chose for the losing team would get a punishment, which was 1 chicken nugget equal to the amount fo deaths of the losing team over all games combined, with a time limit being the shortest time they played for a game. Nathan, Daweed and I chose for G2 to win. They lost… with 52 deaths and their shortest time being 25 min and 34 seconds. Sooo as a punishment, we took it and recorded it. Here it is

Eventually none of us could finish it. Nakib ate 30, Nathan had 33 and Daweed managed to eat 38 nuggets and half a bratwurst. At the end of the day this means nothing because all 3 of us lost and failed. Are we going to do this again? maybe…. probably not though.

Hope you enjoyed these videos. Let me know what you think of it in the comments, we read all of them. Untill next time!

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