Welcome to the OKLC. This stands for Oberon Kingdom League Championship. This is a tournament for League of Legends where teams face eachother to cement their legacy and be known as the best team on Summoner’s Rift. On this page you can find all the information related to the OKLC


The OKLC starts in June 2021 and ends at the end of Season 11 of League of Legends on EUW. The OKLC is divided into 3 stages:
Stage 1: 3 Splits, each lasting 4 weeks. There is an upper and a lower bracket. At the end of every split there are rewards for the winning teams.
Stage 2: 1 team in the Lower bracket that wins a tournament advances to Stage 3 to join the upper bracket. All other teams are eliminated.
Stage 3: Upper bracket faces eachother in BO3’s. There are rewards for Rank 1-4 based on their final placement.
The Rank 1 team enters the Hall of Fame of the OKLC as the 2021 Champions.


The Oberon Gauntlet has the following ranking from highest to lowest:

Upper Bracket:

  • Rank 1 Team
  • Rank 2 Team
  • Rank 3 Team
  • Rank 4 Team (Temporary)

Lower Bracket:

  • Emerald League (2 Teams)
  • Saphire League (4 Teams)
  • Ruby League (Up to 10 Teams)

Stage 1

In stage 1 there are 3 identical splits.

Week 1

Registration period for all the teams. All teams that complete their registration will receive a Team Page

Week 2

Saturday: Qualifiers in the Lower Bracket to reach a total of 8 teams total.
Sunday 8 PM CET: All teams in the upper bracket face eachother (3 matches each team). Rank 4 at the end of the day drops to Emerald (Lower bracket). The other teams remain Rank 1-3 based on their how many games they won today.

Week 3

Brackets and matches are formed. Scouting period for all the teams. During this time all players have the chance to buy a premium ticket for higher rewards in the OKLC.

Week 4

Saturday 8 PM CET: Lower Bracket plays in an 8-team bracket similar to the Clash format. All 5 members in the team with 3 wins receives a rewards and becomes Rank 4 and plays in the Upper Bracket the next day. All teams that have 2 wins advance to the next day to play for Rank 4.
Sunday 8 PM CET: Upper bracket plays a Gauntlet where Rank 4 faces Rank 3. Winner advances. Loser enters the lower bracket to keep the Rank 4 spot. After the Gauntlet is over, the (new) Rank 1 team becomes split champions and all 5 members will receive a skin orb. After today the new split starts and we go back to week 1.

Stage 2

The upper bracket faces eachother and Rank 4 drops to the Lower bracket. All teams in the lower bracket enter a double elimination tournament bracket. The winner of the tournament becomes Rank 4, receives a reward and enters stage 3.

Stage 3

  • Rank 4 faces Rank 3 in a BO3. Winner takes Rank 3 spot and advances.
  • Rank 3 faces Rank 2 in a BO3. Winner takes Rank 2 spot and advances.
  • Rank 2 faces Rank 1 in a BO3. Winner takes Rank 1 spot and becomes OKLC 2021 Champions.

Rules for matches

  • Every team is allowed to have up to 10 Registered Members. Any of the members are allowed to play in any of the matches. Only the 5 members in the final game will receive rewards.
  • During issues with Champion Select, the lobby must be remade with picks and bans being the same up until the point of the problem. (dodging because you missclicked a champion is not allowed)
  • Teams must enter champion select within 7 minutes of the scheduled time. Teams that aren’t 5 after 7 minutes must play in a handicap match (4v5, 3v5 etc.) or FF. You are not allowed to dodge the game to get your 5th member in, even if he’she is 1 minute late (unless your opponents agree and the match still starts within 10 minutes of the scheduled time).
  • Pro Draft is only allowed if the teams enter champ select within 10 minutes of the scheduled time.
  • Both teams may pause the game only once during the game for up to 5 minutes.
  • Verbal abuse in all chat might result into disqualification (judged by the tournament hosts after receiving a screenshot)
  • All matches have to be screenshotted and shared on the captains channel on discord.


Each team can register up to 10 members. Any of the 10 members is allowed to play at any time. Adding new members to the team is only allowed when a new split/stage starts during the registration period. Every team will have a team page on this website with logo, members, history and championship titles. Registration happens on Discord during the registration period: https://discord.gg/JTnmMdKFNF


Stage 1 rewards:
– Week 4 Saturday 1st Place Lower Bracket: 5x Skin Orb. (Every team can earn this reward only once. If you become 1st place in the lower bracket twice, you won’t receive the rewards the 2nd time. This is to avoid upper bracket teams to intentionally drop to the lower bracket for easier rewards)
– Week 4 Sunday 1st Place Upper bracket: 5x Skin Orb. (No restrictions on this reward)

  • 1st place: 5x 650 RP, 40% of the Prize Pool, Hall of Fame induction at https://oberonkingdom.com/
  • 2nd place: 5x Skin Orb, 30% of the Prize Pool
  • 3rd place: 5x Skin Orb & 20% of the Prize Pool.
  • 4th place: 5x Skin Orb & 10% of the Prize Pool.
  • Stage 1 MVP: 1-3 MVP Players will receive a skin Orb. MVP’s are decided based on performance.

The Prize pool can increase up to 50 Euro’s based on performance in the higher bracket (Elder steals, PentaKills, etc.) and another 50 Euro’s based on revenue (Donations, Subscriptions, Premium Tickets etc.). More details will be added at the end of Stage 2.

Premium Ticket: Soon there will be more information about entering the tournaments with a premium ticket to receive bigger rewards.

Support Oberon Gauntlet

If you wish to support the Oberon Gauntlet, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Sponsors: Sponsor this tournament. In return we will promote anything you wish after coming to an agreement. Contact the tournament host on discord if you wish to do so!
  • Refer a friend: Refer your friends to Oberon Gauntlet and let them register their team. For every team you refer and plays 3 games in Stage 1, you will receive a skin orb.
  • Donations: Donate during the streams at https://www.twitch.tv/oberongauntlet . All of the received amount will be placed into the tournament rewards!

Join the server on discord to join this league!