OKLC Team: Mastertilt

OKLC Team: Mastertilt

4x Oberon Kingdom 5v5 Champions

– 12th September 2020: Team Mastertilt – Pandadogmanpig, Kawaii minholee, Reign Sleight, Pringlus, LordVonVaderham, Vayne or bust

– 8th November 2020: Team Mastertilt (2x) – Pandadogmanpig, Reign BlackJack, Reign Sleight, Pringlus, LordVonVaderham, Kawaii minholee

– 28th February 2021: Team Master Tilt (3x) – PandaDogManPig, Vayne or bust, Kawaii Minho lee, Pringlus, Reborn Destiny

– 26th May 2021: Team Master Tilt (4x) – PandaDogManPg, Hate Liars, Kawaii Minho Lee, Pringlus, Reborn Destiny, LordVonVaderham


Team Captain: Pringlus
Top: PandaDogManPig
Jungle: HateLiars
Mid: KawaiiMinhoLee | Comicz
Bot: Pringlus
Support: LordVonVaderham | Reborn Destiny
Sub: Juusoppi




King of Kings

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