Anime review – Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is indubitably a masterpiece among anime. It is beautiful in its simplicity and will move you for sure with the amazing story backed up by hand-drawn, detailed and well thought through with the choice of colors!

Violet was an orphan child who was raised by the military to become a soldier. No one would look at her as anything else than just a tool, except for her Major, Gilbert Bougainvillea. He, in the army, is the only one who actually sees her as human being, and it pains him how she was raised, a man slaughtering machine with no emotions. The Major dies and Violet loses both her arms in an incident during an attack, and with his dying breath telling Violet “I love you”. After the war, Violet is treated and has now mechanical arms. A friend of the major, Claudia Hodgins, becomes Violet’s guardian and introduces her to the war-less new world! Claudia owns a postal company, where Violet tries to become an Auto Memories Doll (in the anime a person who writes the letters for others that don’t know how to write), because Violet wants to learn how to understand the feelings and emotions of other people, and with that the true meaning behind her Major’s last words, “I love you.”.

There is just something about watching people grow. From what they started from to how far they’ve gotten in life. The anime did great in depicting the growth Violet has made on the journey. But what makes the anime so emotional is how easy you can relate to the feelings of the characters. You might not have been through what they’ve been, but the empathy will sure kick in. In each episode you just want to root for Violet. Hoping she can fulfill the request of her clients and really nail what they want in the letter. And after that you just feel proud for her, for what she has achieved and how she has helped others. As each letter is done after another, you can slowly see how Violet understands emotions and feelings, which is amazing on one hand, but you also see how she slowly starts to hurt more, while getting close to the words of her Major, “I love you.”.

The animations are without a doubt one of the best artworks in anime, if not animations themselves. It makes the whole world come to live, gives the setting a melancholic atmosphere if it has to. It just speaks to you. In combination with the amazing orchestral soundtracks, it just leaves a mark on you, a memory not to forget. You’ve seen the characters, heard their story, and all that with the music and beautiful art creates a certain bond to the characters that remains with you for a while.

Just like in the anime, it’s hard to put emotions on paper, but i tried my best to express my opinion on Violet Evergarden. If you haven’t seen it yet, i hope it at least tickled your fancy a bit.

Some soundtracks:
Never coming back:
Across the violet sky:

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