Valentines Day Event

Visit the official Events page by clicking here

We at Oberon Kingdom present to you the biggest event you’ll definitely want to be part of: Valentine’s day event! An event with up to 150 Euro’s worth of prizes.

Untill 14th of February 2020 we have something for everyone to compete in. Whether you are very artistic and can create amazing drawings, or feel like a very creative person and can make an amazing video clip. Whether you are a custom skin creator or a gamer. Or even if you simply enjoy watching movies, series and anime or love to listen to and create music. Since it’s Valentine’s day after all, we got big stuff for the amazing couples out there. and even if you got no one, we got you in that as well.

Visit the official Events page by clicking here

If you are interested in joining our 1v1 and 5v5 League that also starts today, Click here!

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