Fear of disappointment

We all have it, some more than others but we all have that fear of being disappointed at something we do or create or even at someone we know. It is bound to happen and let me tell you something that I am sure you have heard before: Every single time you try something new, the no and the rejection are guaranteed. Not taking the risk makes it way harder for you to make it happen! Chase that dream you have working for, get that grade or promotion you have striving to get, go after that person you love and that makes you feel happy! Stop delaying your own happiness based on words that are told to us when we are young but to back up my own words, I will tell you a personal example:

I had the goal to start streaming on twitch and become a content creator for youtube since I was really young. In the beginning, it was insanely hard because my parents didn’t have a way of being able to help me afford a new computer or even a webcam to make sure I could stream with the minimum and every night, I would watch other people stream and imagine myself in their place, gathering my own community and making someone’s day from simply being there when they felt down. And slowly, I started working towards that goal, got a new job during the summer two years ago and decided to gather money from a new computer, a webcam and a new headset and it took me three months since I also wanted to help my dad around the house with the bills. However, as soon as I got it, I felt so happy because I was working my ass off to get it and it finally paid off, I set it up myself and decided to prepare everything to start streaming however something in me was post-poning it and I wasn’t in the best mental state during that time but I still managed to start streaming a year later and during 2020, I will try to stream consistently to make sure I achieve that same goal I have since I was young.

I hope this helps you have some determination to follow your own goals and make sure they happen, it all comes down to commitment and hard work. In honor of the GOAT aka Kobe Bryant “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”. Make sure you live your life to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised, Rest In Power Kobe Bryant and your powerful words and lessons will never be forgotten.

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