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Story of a lifetime – Pride

Pride… A blessing and a curse depending on the situation. It gives you power to achieve the thing you are truly passionate about, but at the same time it’s the biggest reason for your regrets and your pain. Pride that makes you want to feel like you’re an amazing person that people look up to. To seem as close as possible to perfect. The very thing that motivates you to work hard on something you truly care about. This however is a double edged sword. When you swing it too much, you’ll eventually end up cutting yourself…

This is the story of a guy who got to eat from a silver spoon ever since he was born. His parents are rich, He got everything he ever wished for and everyone looked up to him and his family. He was privileged to achieve great things. He got straight A’s in school. He had all the friends he could wish for. He got his hobbies and turned out to become someone to look up to when he turned into an adult. A true leader that inspired many, a king I would almost say. His pride was the one thing that made him achieve all these things.

One day it happened. He found the girl of his dreams. The Queen to his Kingdom. She was the most beautiful and precious thing he had ever layed his eyes upon and wanted to make her the other part of himself. Him and her were the same person divided into 2 bodies. The first night she layed in his arms and fell asleep, He looked at her face as she was asleep and he knew that he had achieved everything he ever wanted in life. His pride was satisfied and made him feel great about himself…

It’s funny, how that very thing that gave him everything eventually left him with nothing. The queen he so deeply was in love with slowly started taking everything from him, bit by bit, piece by piece. His freedom. His money. His trust. His choices…. His pride. She lied to him, cheated on him, made him feel bad every single day if there was a moment he didnt spend with her. Manipulating him with threats to end her life if he ever decides to leave her. Leaving him to be a shell of the man he once was. The moment he found out that she has been unloyal after all those years of sacrificing his family, school, money and time just to keep her satisfied is the moment the sword cut himself. “How could you… after everything I have done for you. I am a good person. I deserve better than this… or do I? Why do I feel like shit. Am i not good enough for you to stay loyal? Will there always be another guy who is better than me? Who are you? You are not the girl I fell in love with. You’re not the same… I hate it. I hate myself. I am wortheless. I don’t deserve happines. I…”

His pride built him, but it also left him broken. Repeating these words every hour of the day, every day of the year. His pride was shattered and eventually he started to believe that he doesn’t deserve anything good in his life. Once a King, now just another peasant after being betrayed by his own Queen. The only good he can take from all of this is that he knows for sure what he doesn’t need any time again in his life. It made him wise and shaped him to never get hurt again with little to no pride left to worry about. It’s like the YinYang. In every good there is some bad and in every bad there is some good. In every white there is some black and in every black there is some white. However the white disappeared and turned red. In every bad there is evil. In every evil there is bad. As a fan of the Joker I’ll take one of his quotes to apply to his story: “You either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain”. Don’t let your pride take over. Don’t hurt yourself in the process. You deserve better. You know it…

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