Story of a lifetime – First Love

As a child you grow up watching movies where there is the Hero. A handsome looking guy who does everything in his power to make the girl in the movie his. He sings her songs, he fights for her, he saves her from danger and they go on to get married. And they lived happily ever after. You are sitting there as a 9 year old boy, who doesn’t understand any of it, but after seeing it repeat over and over again in ever single movie, you start wondering how this will be like if you were in the hero’s shoes. But then reality strikes and you start becoming insecure about the way you look, the way you speak, the way your voice sounds or if you are simply said a hero at all. That’s when you realize that these things only happen in movies, where the girl falls for the guy as soon as he fights for her. Something like that would never happen in reality… right?

time passes by and you turn 17. You are in high school and for the past 4 years you start developing crushes on the girls in your class, but the social anxiety always holds you back from getting any of them to be your girl. the idea of “girlfriend” seems impossible and you start telling yourself that from the 3.5 billion girls on the planet, none of them will actually choose to be with you. is there maybe a guy from the 3.5 billion that would want you? nah, no one will actually turn gay for you either.

And then it happens. That 1 magical moment that that turns you into a man instead of a boy. No, I’m not talking about puberty, I’m talking about that moment where you meet that girl. The first moment you lay eyes on her and instantly get enchanted by her. Her eyes so enchanting. Her skin so smooth. Her smile so beautiful, knowing that moment that it will be stuck in your brains… forever. But hey, this wouldn’t be the first time you feel this way when you see a girl. She will just continue walking and you’ll never see her again. Especially at the airport from all the places. But then, you get on the plane and you see her again, waiting in the line. “She is on the same flight as me!” goes through your mind. Then you enter the plane and you find out that she is actually sitting next to you… You become so nervous in your head, imagining litterally a thousand scenarios of how the flight should go. everything starting from just being silent all flight to kissing eachother all flight long and falling in love with eachother and planning the wedding and babies… Hey you’re 17 and never spoke to a girl before. Don’t judge. you get closer to the seat and she looks at you and gives you a smile. You smile back and say hi, but in your mind, all you can think of is that beautiful smile on her face. You sit down and you don’t move an inch, but you still want to look at her and admire her beauty. If only you had the balls for it…

As I said, all it takes is that 1 magical moment to happen. The moment you find your first love. the stage beyond just a crush. Not knowing how to deal with it with only romantic movies as your only source of information. You just need to make it happen, else you will never know if it was worth it. So you push yourself and start a conversation with her. Shortly after you find out that she is living in the same city as you. Did the universe decide to connect you? You’re the same age, from the same country and would make beautiful babies together. No wait that’s a few steps ahead. a 6 hour flight, sitting next to the girl you start falling in love with. As you start talking more and more you get to know eachother better and better. You actually start feeling those butterflies in your stomach that everyone is talking about. things are going smoothly and after a while you start feeling comfortable around eachother and there isn’t a moment where things are silent or awkward. The plane lands and it’s time to part ways. But as you know. it’s now or never. You push yourself 1 final time and ask her number. She smiles back and happily gives it to you. You did it! You finally did it. The first girl you got the number from. I am proud of you!

few weeks pass and you talk to eachother every day. somehow you end up working at the same place and become better friends. The crush you had slowly starts becoming love and you start realizing this. And somehow you think she feels the same way. All it takes now is just asking her. The 3.5 billion girls on the world is narrowed down to just that 1 girl that you are trying to make your world. but every time you get close to it, you get scared and don’t do anything. All it takes is that 1 moment. and that moment always comes. You just have to seize it when it’s there. That moment takes place when she invites you over to watch a movie. You sit on one of the couches and she lays on the other couch and slowly falls asleep while watching the movie. You see that she might get cold and try to cover her with a blanket. Then she opens her eyes and looks you directly into your eyes. You look back at her and realize that this is the moment you waited for. She stares at you for a few seconds and you do the same. Then you kneel down so you get to see her eyes better. Her eyes are locked into yours, watching your every movement. Your faces inches away from eachother. You feel like you have no control over your body as your face slowly moves closer to hers. Watching her expression on her face very closely, if she would become angry or mad if you actually went in for a kiss, but she seems calm. She isn’t pushing you away or anything like that. You realize that she wants to be kissed. Kissed by you. You tell her that she looks beautiful. The look in her eyes change. You can feel that she starts feeling shy. You both know exactly what will happen next. You will kiss eachother for the first time. All you do is go for it very slowly. In your mind it takes a few minutes, but in reality it’s just a few seconds. And then it happens. You finally get to feel those soft lips on yours. Your very first kiss with the girl you love. You can feel her lips kissing you back. She wraps her arms around you and you kiss more, knowing both that you are now together, as boyfriend and girlfriend. This is that special moment you waited for since you were 9 years old. You finally became the Hero you grew up looking up to. That first kiss with your first love. That moment is really magical and stays with you forever. Hold on to that special moment and let it be the first of many special moments you create in your life. A story worth telling your grandkids about one day.

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