Story of a lifetime – Motivation

Motivation. Some people have it really easily while others struggle with even getting up in the morning. The reason for this is always the reason to do something. If you hate doing something, you won’t have motivation to do so at all. Same goes for things you love to do. You don’t even have to work towards it and you’ll have motivation. Unless you have been doing that very thing for so long that eventually it feels the same everytime you do it. Motivation is very tricky. Some of us know exactly how to motivate ourselves or eachother to get something done. So you might wonder what the trick to it is. In today’s story I will be helping you to get motivation to get things done.

Imagine this. You have a job and even though it pays well and the people are nice, the job is too simple and because it’s easy you get bored of it after a while. Boredom is one of the biggest reason for all of us to lose motivation to do something. You could find a better job, but how will you continue without losing motivation to go to work? I have a method I always apply in every situation. I ask myself “Today, do I regret doing this last week? Next week, will I regret doing this today?”. If you work for a week, you will receive a salary at the end of it which will enable you to do things you actually love doing. May it be travelling or buying a video game you really enjoy playing. Or maybe you can buy something for your loved ones. The possibilities are endless. If it’s motivation to work out which you are seeking for, ask yourself the same question. What will the results be in a month from now? If I work out I will be in the shape I want to be while if I don’t I’ll remain the same shape. Either way the fact of the matter remains, we don’t remember small satisfactions in a month from now while we will feel visible results that we are working towards every day in a month from now. How small or big those results may be, work to improve every day.

Motivation can also be for small achievements, like doing the dishes for your mom or helping out your brother with his homework. If you are anything like me, making those you care about happy is a great factor that determines your motivation. See what I am getting at? Try to be optimistic towards every single situation. to give a few examples:

– Drive your parents somewhere = They don’t need to take public transport and they will appreciate you a lot more so it’s worth it.
– Waking up in the morning for work = This job pays me and besides, next month I won’t even remember that I struggled with waking up. I can finally book that plane ticket.
– Bringing out the trash = only takes a few seconds and I’ll forget about it in an hour anyway.
– Learning Piano = In a month from now I will be able to play my favorite song. Better than just playing videogames 1 hour extra every day which I won’t remember anything of anyway.
– Writing a story on Oberon Kingdom = would be fun to read it back in a while from now and to share my thoughts with others. Better than playing more League of Legends at 4 am in the morning…

You get the gist of it. Do you need motivation to do anything? Ask yourself what you will remember in a month from now and if you will or won’t see results from doing it or not. Imagine both situations and consider which option would be better for you in the future. This might give you a huge boost to do it or it will at least numb the sadness it would bring from doing it. Give it a try and I am curious to know if it worked for you or not. let me know in the comments or on discord. Hope this helped you out!

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