Story of a lifetime – True love

What’s the difference between love and true love? Depending on who you’re asking you’ll get different answers.True love is sharing your darkest secrets with eachother. True love is having dinner together. True love is sacrificing your own happiness for your true love. The amount of answers are limitless because everyone feels different towards it. Here is my answer to what true love means.

True love to me is when you are able to turn off your brains and just listen to your heartbeat. Every single beat has a meaning when you see or touch that person you truly love. The way the heartbeats sync together and you start feeling like you have merged together into the same being. Wanting to keep this feeling forever and wanting to keep him or her happy, no matter what. Seeing their smile the moment you wake up all the way till you go to bed again at night. Feeling comfortable and secure around them, like there is nothing you aren’t able to share with them. The feelings you get when you look them in their eyes and know exactly how they feel towards you. Getting overwhelmed by warmth and comfort when you hug them.

“When I look at you, I see one of god’s secret angels on earth. I would stand in the world’s longest queue just to catch a glimpse of your smile. A smile that should last forever, because it would be a waste not to share that beautiful smile of yours with the rest of the world. I will swim the length and breath of the river Nile just to prove that my love for you will never drown. Even if distance would keep us apart, I will keep you in my heart and like a warrior I will fight for our love. And if I had the ability to travel back in time, I would do everything differently. Except the moment that I met you, I want to do that all over again. I loved you yesterday, I loved you today and guess what? I will love you tomorrow, because my heart was made to love only you.”

Although true love has positive emotions to them, they don’t always live happily ever after. Because true love also means sacrificing your own feelings and happiness to protect theirs. Accepting it when they don’t feel the same way about you anymore. It doesn’t always have to be mutual. You can be willing to give your life for those you love, but it becomes true love the moment you don’t expect them to do the same for you. Many people can call this foolish, but as I said earlier. True love to me means turning off your brains and only listening to your heartbeats. The heart will always want what the heart wants. When you know that you aren’t the person they need to be happy in life. You have probably heard this quote a million times before. “If you truly love someone, you’ll learn to let go”. As hard as this may be and as much as you are trying to tell yourself that there will always be a chance to find happiness. It’s true… If you truly love someone, you’ll let them go. You can hold on to the feelings you feel towards them forever, even when both of you moved on. True love never fades and even after decades, you’ll still feel the same towards them.

Have you found your true love yet? I am curious to hearing your story. Share it with us in the comments!

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