Demon Slayer Review

Tanjiro’s life has been changed after a demon murdered his family. He lives in the mountains and makes a living selling coal in a village at the bottom of the mountain. One day he came back home to find his dead family, except for his sister Nezuko who has turned demon. The two go off on a journey to seek the demon who has killed their family and find a way to turn Nezuko back to a human.

Demon Slayer is without a doubt one of the best anime and maybe even the anime of the year 2019. The animations are quite unique and different from what you’d expect from most anime. Indubitably beautiful. Demon Slayers use breathing technique to enhance their physical abilities. There are quite few unique breathing techniques like water breathing, lightning breathing and many more. And these breathing techniques are animated differently which has similarities to Japanese art styles.

The characters are well developed. The relationship between Tanjiro and Nezuko is very sweet and wholesome, and therefore the reason why Tanjiro is so kindhearted to demons aswell. He thinks of demons as persons, because his sister is a demon aswell, and he doesn’t want to see her as a human murdering monster. Such behavior towards demons is unheard of in the Demon Slayer corps, and makes interesting to see the contrast in opinions. You’ll get a good laugh in from the friends Tanjiro makes on his journey like bacon head Inosuke or sleeper OP Zenitsu.

Lastly i want to mention the beautiful soundtracks in the anime. Not only is there kick-ass fighting music, but also nice a calm emotional music fitting the story. All these 3 elements, animation, story and music make this anime so great. It is quite refreshing in comparison to other shounen anime, like Naruto or Bleach. So, if you haven’t already watched this, i only recommend you to do so!


Some links to the soundtracks: – Opening

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