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This will be the very first review of a serie on this website, and it’s none other than the Devil himself, Lucifer! My name is Nakib and I have watched this season from beginning to end. This show is exactly what you would expect it to be from the name alone. Lucifer Morningstar, once an angel created by god himself untill he rebelled against his creator and got forsaken to the deep pits of Hell. Although you would expect a show like this to have a very dark and evil vibe, it’s quite the opposite and it sheds a light upon Satan in a way most would not expect. Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely recommend anyone and everyone to watch this serie as it has made my personal Top 5 Series ever. Before we get into this review, you have to watch the trailer which focusses a lot on the first episode of Lucifer.

Once you have watched the trailer, I would recommend you to play the next song while reading through the review. It’s “Cage The Elephant – Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”. Why do I recommend this specific song? That’s because the first episode begins with this one song. (besides, it’s one of the greatest songs ever to be made)

Cage The Elephant – Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked
Episode 1: Pilot
The very first episode always has to leave a mark to the audience, which Lucifer definitely did for me. They opened with the song Ain’t no rest for the wicked and they introduced us a bit into the main character, Lucifer Morningstar, and his special powers. I can not think of a better actor than Tom Ellis to embody this persona and from the first moment you see him, it feels instantly like he is being himself rather than playing a role. Lucifer loves parties and alcohol. He came to earth 5 years ago and now owns a night club named LUX. An old familiar face comes back to him and they spend the night catching up. When they are about to part ways, the woman gets shot and dies. Lucifer gets hit too, but being the Devil, he is immortal. The police arrives and here comes the other main character, Chloe Dekker. This is where the story begins between both of them and it’s a good introduction into what this entire serie is about: Murder Investigations. Later on Lucifers brother, Amenediel, appears before him with the command to take Lucifer back to hell, with force if needed. But Lucifer refuses after a heated conversation from Which Amenediel flies away. Eventually they solve the murder investigation and Chloe gets a glimpse of who Lucifer really is, but without certainty.
This was a very good first episode where they properly introduced every main character in an appropriate way and they instantly layed out what the long term storyline is while still focussing on the story that is taking place in the current episode. It was meant to get the attention of the viewers and in my opinion, they did that very well. I rate this Episode a 10/10.
Episode 2: Lucifer, stay. Good Devil
Starting in Episode 2, the titles are from a sentence in the episode and the normal format of how an episode looks like starts to form. A crime happens, The look for clues and after following 3/4 leads, they catch the killer. All through this, Lucifer starts to develop a side to him he doesn’t seem to quite understand yet. and the long ongoing story keeps running as well in between every scene. This episode they get to know better what it’s like to work together on a case.
Episode 3: That would be the prince of …
This is one of my favorite episodes because they go a bit more into the reverse psychology. From here on they teach you to suspect the unexpected. and every episode you have to try and figure out who the killer is. Chloe also gets to see a side of Lucifer she hasn’t seen before and this leaves her a bit unsettled. Overall a really good episode.
Episode 4: Manly Whatnots
This episode is just really funny. Lucifer convinced himself that he needs to have sex with chloe to be able to figure her out. Just watch it for yourself. much worth your time. Lucifer also discovers what makes him vulnerable here. He is supposed to be immortal so that takes a turn into this episode as well.
Episode 5: Sweet Kicks
This episode is pretty normal. they have a suspect and it’s about art. not much has been happening here and there mainly was a focus on solving the case rather than anything else.
Episode 6: Fateful son
This episode gets more personal with lucifer. 1 of his trucks get stolen and in there one of his most prized possesion remains. He has to find the one who did it as soon as possible and they go on the chase. This is a big turn in the story and it’s beginning to become more serious which is a great thing.
Episode 7: Wingman
They have found out who his prized possession has and with the help of amenediel they try to retrieve it. you find out more about the both of them in this episode which will give more clarity in the future. Eventually they retrieve it and a huge decision is made by Lucifer. Amenediel sets up a plan because of this.
Episode 8: Et tu, Doctor?
Amenediel has made a plan to bring Lucifer back to hell. it further develops in this episode as they are working on another case. This was an episode that I forgot about because not much was happening, but there was still a lot going on which is neccesary to understand for the next episodes.
Episode 9: A priest walks into a bar
Lucifer starts interacting a lot with a priest and he is trying very hard to make the priest confess to his desires, but this doesnt go as planned and everntually, even though he feels like he has to hate the priest, he really likes the priest. this is one of the more emotional episodes from season 1.
Episode 10: Pops
A restaurant owner gets killed and to find the killer, they go through a lot of signs to find out who did it. this seems to be another episode where not much is going on except for trying to solve the case with some minor things going on in the background. Amenediels plan is slowly working out more to get Lucifer back to hell.
Episode 11: St. Lucifer
Lucifer finds out that doing charity makes him feel a lot better. so he decides to overstep this and do a lot of charity work. A bit too much. Chloe called him saint lucifer and he liked the name so started using it himself. eventually when they find the killer, Lucifer finds out something new about himself which changes the entire story once again. The end of this season starts to get very exciting and it made me want to continue watching till early in the morning.
Episode 12: #TeamLucifer
Another episode that is about Lucifer. someone has been killing people using the name Lucifer Morningstar. They are trying to figure out who did all of this and the main storyline slowly comes to a close. Lucifer makes a revelation and things take a big turn in events.
Episode 13: Take me back to hell
The final episode of this season. Lucifer has been framed as a murderer and he has to run away. Eventually he comes into a situation where he has to save Chloe. Because of this he goes back to Hell, but this was not what God had planned for him. So he has found out about an escape from a very special person from hell. They reveal who this person is all the way at the end, and the end title screen appears. putting a close to Season 1

This was an incredible season for one of my most favorite series. It makes you think while making you laugh. But it also lets you get attached to the characters in the story. The idea of who Satan is is completely flipped around with Logical conclusions. This has convinced me that the Devil is not evil, but instead he punished Evil. On that note, I will be ending this review. Look out for the review of season 2!

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