Movie Review – Now you see me 1 & 2


Magic. Is it real or is it fake? But the better question would be, Should we fear magicians when they do things that we simply can’t explain. Magic should not be abused, especially by con artists. When thiefs learn magic, they are called together by an entity that plans many robberies with them. This entity stays hidden as the con artists follow the plan and earn millions. A police officer is on the lead of catching them, but every time he gets closer, they seem to be 2 steps ahead. The first movie comes to an end as they reveal who this entity is at the end of it, but then the story continues in part 2. We get to know more about the childhood of the entity. They get called together once again to rob more places, but this time, someone knows exactly how they work and they get caught and are forced to work with the international criminals. They find a way to trick them, with the power of magic!

Now you see me 1 and 2 are personally my most favorite movies of all time. The way they use magic and reveal the secrets behind them is mindblowing which will turn any non believer into a believer. The story in the first movie is great and the performances of magic in the 2nd movie is even better. It has a nice follow up between the scenes and it’s hard to move away your focus from the movie as it grabs hold of your attention.

Movie 1 took us into the story. Throughout the entire movie you keep wondering who this entity is and what their next move will be. The police detective comes really close to catching them many times, but they always seem to slip away. The con artists doubt the entity during many situations, but whenever they are close to giving up, he knows how to save them. This makes the watcher more curious in finding out who this mastermind is. When they reveal who this entity is at the end of the movie. Everyone who hasn’t been spoiled will most certainly be shocked and surprised with this.

Movie 2 is a follow up from where movie 1 left off. I recommend not watching the 2nd movie as it will reveal who the entity is and will spoil the entire first movie. but even though the element of surprise in the story isn’t there for most of the 2nd movie. They take the magic tricks to a whole other level which no one would expect. This movie is the reason I love magic tricks. Although I can not say much about the movie as it will end up being a spoiler. I highly recommand watching these movies on the same night if you havent yet. It wil be your best night ever and I can guarentee that 🙂

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