Oberon Kingdom 2020 Chapter 1 – Squeeking noises

Before you get into this story, I would like to give some backstory about what this is and what we will be trying to achieve. On our Discord server, we have certain roles for chatting. When you chat enough, you reach level 10 and you will be getting the role, Super Hero, from us. With this role the people can create their own fictional or reality based character. In Oberon Kingdom 2020, we will be working with the characters and every week, we will be further developing each character with the help from all of the readers. So without any further ado, here is the first chapter of Oberon Kingdom 2020. Get something to drink and relax, as you read through our story. Enjoy!

Date: Saturday 25 February 2020

*running* *panting* *heavy breathing*
What’s going on? why are they chasing me. How did I even get here. None of this makes any sense. I am looking behind me and there they are. The dogs. Why does it feel like I am not getting away from them? I need to run faster. I know that I can run faster. I HAVE TO RUN FASTER!
“Fast you say…”. I am looking to my left. wait a minute. Is that Jhin?
“Never fear, the Fast is here. How delightful”. Hold up, wait just a minute. what’s going on here? Unless…
*Alarm sounds go off* ffs it was a dream. Crap, I am late. *Getting up* Almost falling down while putting on clothes and brushing teeth, fixing hair… (for as much as that disaster I call hair can be fixed that is). Brushing my teeth while launching my PC
“Good morning Kain, you’re late again”
I know Ellie, I know. I was dreaming about Jhin and getting chased by dogs. give me a break will ya.
“Maya won’t be happy. This is the 3rd time this week you’re late”
Don’t remind me… I can already see the angry face and voice… aaaah the chills
“Buy her some Doritos. She will forget you’re late right away”
Yeah, either that or she will shove it in my face.
“It would be easier if you just were on time Kain”
Yeah, and it would also be easier if I programmed you to have a little less sass Ellie.
“Too late now, now hurry and go to Maya before she gets more pissed”
Yeah Yeah, on my way…

Name: Kain Ellis
Age: 26
Profession: scientist
Hobbies: cooking, gaming, watching movies and listening to music
Favourite food: Lasagne
Interesting fact: Programmed an AI named Ellie that became his friend.

*running* *panting* *heavy breathing*
But this time it’s not a dream. I need to be there really fast. Maya has already called me twice. She will not be happy with this. There she is. That’s a really cute dress she is wearing. She is so beautiful, so gorgeous, so pretty, so thi…
“You really enjoy making me wait don’t you Kain”
I-I’m sorry Maya, truly.
“Are you? because I feel like I heard this before… oh yeah, THE PAST 2 TIMES THIS WEEK WHEN YOU WERE LATE”
0_0 eeehm… I brought Dorritos? If that counts for anything?
“No… it does not… I am angry with you. But give me the Dorritos” *Snatch*
“I’m sorry Maya, I’ll give you some space if that’s what you wa…”
*Getting pulled closer and kissed*
“Just kiss me already you dummy”

Name: Maya
Age: 20
Profession: Student
Hobbies: Painting
Favourite food: Spicy Doritos
Interesting fact: She can play 5 different instruments

*looking at Kain and Maya kissing*
Why can’t I have something like that. They are so cute and adorable. If I found a girlfriend, I would do that too and my life would be complete. Sigh, I need to interact more with people…
“Excuse me, do you know where this addresse is?”
*getting startled and moving away 2 meters* AAAH A GIRL. Wait, what did she ask? oh no I panicked. She is staring at me, I need to answer her. What do I answer. Oh no she will call the police and I will be labelled as a sex offender and go to prison for the rest of my life. I am too young to be in prison… omgomgomg
“uhhh, hi? Could you help me find this location?”
*staring her dead in the eyes, not making a sound*
*New person aproaching* “Heeey, I am sorry for my buddy Jonathan here, he is a bit socially awkward. May I help you?”
Wait… did he just call me socially awkward? that son of a gun, I should kick his ass. But no, she is looking, she won’t ever date me if I seem violent. I need to impress her. Oh no, It’s too late already. Why am I like this. This is why I can’t ever have nice thi…
*Jonathan standing there, still staring dead into the eyes*
“Uhhh, yeah this addresse, I am not from here so I got a bit lost”
“No worries ma’am, It’s right over there if you follow the road. I am Jamie by the way. Where are you from originally?”
“My name is Nicole! I am from the Netherlands, Here on a holiday. Heard it’s a nice weather and the food to be good soooo”
“That sounds delightful, I wish you a pleasant stay in Portugal, Good luck and bye”
“Thank you and bye Jamie! And uhh, Thanks, Jonathan”
*squeeking noises from Jonathan* *Nicole leaves*

Name: Jonathan Silva
Age: 20
Profession: Gamer
Hobbies: Playing video games and listening to music
Favourite food: Tortilla
Interesting fact: Reached top 1000 players of the world in a game once

Name: Nicole Chantilly
Age: 24
Profession: High School Teacher
Hobbies: Reading, Movies, Working out
Favourite food: Instant Noodles

Interesting fact: Grew up poor but never felt poor because her happiness is what makes her rich.

Name: Jamie Stevenson
Age: 19
Profession: Volunteer at food bank
Hobbies: Music, anime, reading gritty sci-fi
Favourite food: chocolate
Interesting fact: Enjoyed ancient history

What the hell dude, you embarassed me in front of her. I was working on asking her number and marrying her and having a honeymoon in america and living happily ever after.
“Right, also you might get something like that if you actually used your voice”
Whatever dude, I’m done. *Phone buzzing*
Oh damn, Dann went live. ssshhh don’t talk to me anymore.
“Who is Dann?”
What are you, stupid bruh? He is my most favorite streamer of all time. now hush it and watch with me.
*Jamie sits next to Jonathan and starts watching the stream with him*
“Welcome to the stream guys. Today we are going to be grinding some more games. Also I have some good news, I have been texting with you know who and things are starting to look up. I am excited. Let’s do this!”

Name: Dann Oliver
Age: 23
Profession: Fanous streamer
Hobbies: Making videos, anime, music and writing about potential futures with non-existent girls
Favourite food: chinese cuisine or burgers
Interesting fact: Wants to find true love and happiness but he’s too busy trying to make other people feel better instead of working on himself.

Final thoughts bubble:
Kain: Her lips are so soft
Maya: These Dorritos Taste so good
Jonathan: Squeeking noises
Nicole: I hope they have noodles on the menu
Jamie: I wonder if Jonathan will ever find a girlfriend
Dann: Samantha, that will be the name for my next story!

Here is an introduction of the main characters of Oberon Kingdom 2020. I hope you enjoyed reading through it. What happens next will be decided by all of you. All these characters will be united in the next chapter, but you get to decide how this happens. Here are your choices:

  • There is a huge fire in the chinese restaurant and Nicole is inside, eating her Noodles
  • A mysterious person is handing out flyers about streamer con and all of them receive it.
  • All of them get kidnapped by jehova witnesses.

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