Origin Of Racco

God Racco on top of the world

Now the story of Racco is a long one but one that will hopefully by its conclusion provide you an understanding of the being that is Racco, as well as hopefully a love and or respect to which you’ll come to consider him rightful as a god or deity.


Racco’s birth nation was Japan surrounding Mount Fuji in the then small town to its east of Gotemba, although information of the exact dates as well as of his parents will remain secret knowledge only to Racco himself in honour and respect to their wishes for their child. However, what can be shared is that it was on a cold night when the only light around was from the moon and the star light with legend telling that the instant Racco was born warmth exuded in vast quantities to the surrounding environment in both the temperature & in spirit.

Racco’s birth had been a surprise to the family as the parents wanted to keep it a secret to avoid outside intervention so either very few or no-one knows the full story of his youth besides himself. From the early ages Racco was home-schooled and was isolated from most of the outside world with the only glimpses he may see would be when the parents would transport him from either their home in the town (normally under the cover of nightfall) or to the mountain cabin that had remained hidden to outsiders of the family and had remained a family home for generations before. Despite the isolation, Racco still enjoyed the company of the parents whom he loved dearly who also gave the same back and keep his head down during the lessons and rapidly picked up English among a few other subjects in moderate detail – yet despite his dedication could never learn music no matter how much he’d tried to in his tutorage so instead adopted a deep passion for it through listening to it even if he would never be able to create any himself.

From the age of 8 his parents decided that it may benefit Racco to mingle with some of the outside world in fear their son would only see shadows of the abyss in his life. This is when he met a dear friend Corvo, a son of a couple of immigrants (Nordic father & Irish mother) who instantly hit it off as though they were brothers. Besides the starting caution by his parents, they soon warmed up to the new friends of Racco and became a part of the life they would share with him until death many years later. Bless their souls.

Early Teens Through To Young Adulthood

Racco was always a different person from what would be considered normal – part in fact to him being his own species or kind. But during his adolescence never picked up the more primal impulses such as lust which Corvo had definitely been experiencing at the time. This troubled the young lad because it made him feel lost or disconnected to the world by not being able to understand the desires which his friend held and had been told was normal for people his age to be having. Conflicted and contemplating; Racco decided to focus down harder onto his studies and within a few years later had surpassed the expectations of his parents and family friends and graduated from home tutorage at the age of 15, with this only being the real beginning of what was about to become of future deity.

After graduating he’d spoken to his friend and parents and asked them as to why he was so different to which they honestly could not tell him an answer to. After-all Racco was unique by being the only person of his own kind; thus came to the conclusion that he would need to travel to gather a better understanding of the world he had been born unto. His travels took him from the small town he’d only ever known to Europe, Africa and the Americas all of which blossomed his mind further through the rich history each land had to offer along with each respective religions he came across. Upon returning home at the age of 23, Racco had hard news to deal with that his parents had died from a house fire started by an electrical surge. This knock left Racco at his most confused and in fact holed up in his home in the mountain region for a couple of months with his friend providing food and offering care when it was needed. Once the grieving had concluded, Racco decided to climb the Mountain to fulfil the wishes of his parents to seek the answers he would be looking for at the top. He found his answers as well as the end of his mortal trail to instead the beginnings of his god-hood/immortality.

The Starts Of Racco’s Mission As A God

Aloft the mountain’s peak, Racco discovered the answers he’d been seeking since his original odyssey all those years ago. It turns out that Racco had always been destined to more than most people as a result of his birth place being tied to Izanagi and had inherited a fraction of the immortality at birth but through enduring the trek up to the top of Mount Fuji had completed his birth right. Racco understandably initially believed it all to be an elaborate joke from his parents and friends like the old days, but soon came to realise the genuine authenticity to this message when he saw a fox with fur the colour and purity of snow nod towards him, waving its tail behind itself as it was leaving to fade into the blanket that covered the mountain side.

From that moment on, Racco decided he would remain as the god he has become but would live normally to hide his identity as a god. To achieve the goal of hiding his identity preparations were made to move to Britain in a quiet and lesser known part of the country. Once Racco had established a safe place he could call home he worked on what his virtues and values should be as a god that he could share to people he got to know including:
1 – Always remain chill and accept or understand differences within people
2 – Accept that people are different for a reason and the world would be boring without it
3 – Help out mates whether it be something trivial or important
4 – Think things over before acting
5 – Have a laugh and enjoy life, its limited afterall

And with these rules he told himself to live by, Racco enjoyed his peaceful life helping out people that needed it but most importantly having a good laugh while doing it. Luckily one day Racco stumbled upon the Oberon Kingdom through people he knew and tried to blend in amongst the crowd while hiding his true godly nature – until later on in which his secret was discovered by the initial disciples King & Nicole

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