Will you be my happiness

“Will you be my valentine” seems so simple to say to your loved ones. Something inside me tells me that it’s wrong to ask someone you care so much about to be your valentine when you want them to be your everything, not just 1 out of 365.25 days a year, but every single one of those days. The person that is the entire reason you are happy today deserves a lot more than that. And they surely deserve more than just some flowers and chocolates. That’s what Valentine’s day has become these days. Just another commercial excuse to make it okay to spend money to increase sales from the stores. When you truly love someone, Valentine’s day becomes just another ordinary day for the both of you.

That being said, I want everyone to just close their eyes on the 14th of february and just think of the name of your loved ones. What are the emotions you are feeling? Warmth? Is it making you smile? or does it make you anxious and sad to think that they don’t see you in the same way as you do. Either way, today is the day you get the push you need to express your feelings to the other. Skip the Roses. Skip the Chocolates. Skip all the excuses and just think to yourself. What is it that he or she truly wants? If the answer is roses and chocolate… RUN! Because there must be more to it than just that. Think really hard about what it is that you can do to actually give your heart and soul to that person on this day. Remember all the moments they smiled and what the cause for all those smiles were. Was it a witty joke? Was it a compliment that gave them that infatuated look towards you? Or was it as simple as a good morning. Think long and hard about everything that makes them happy and pile them up and keep giving them all of that one after another throughout the entire day. They will not be forgetting this because it will be their happiest day in their life.

So, if you were looking for a reason to ask him or her to be your valentine, here is your sign to do so. You got my blessing to do so. And I would hereby like to recite this question, and turn it into: Will you be my happiness. Because at the end of the day, him/her and happiness are the same thing 🙂

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