Moving Forward

Moving on from a break up, losing a friend/family member is not easy. I know it is said that you should simply forget it, try to grow from it because it will help you improve with time as soon as you start dealing with the situation in a much “controlled” way and by controlled, I mean trying to hold your tears as much as you can so you don’t look weak compared to other people. But you know what? If you have to cry, cry it all out. It’s better that cry it all out and then slowly start moving forward instead of holding back onto the bad things.

What I’m trying to say is if you hold onto the good memories and think of it from a brighter perspective, I am sure you will start feeling happier. For example, for those of you who read the story I wrote last week regarding the girl I loved the most, it took me 3 years to feel able to talk to someone about it without crying. I still have all the memories here in my head, her smile, her laugh everytime I did something stupid, the late night talks on the rooftops, I still remember all those things, they put a genuine smile on my face. This week, I visited a friend of mine and talked to her about how I have been dealing with everything and she looked at me smiling and noticed that I wasn’t crying but I was with the “emotional pre-cry look” in my face. However, I didn’t cry because I know she wanted me to be happy and enjoy my life, she wanted me to make sure I lived a fully-filled glass instead of living through the glass of a half-filled one.

So don’t feel discouraged, it will hurt a lot, it will consume you from your core and it will suck the energy out of you but with time, you will start healing and that’s what you need to take into consideration. The healing process takes time, you shouldn’t expect to feel great the day after it, hell no! It will be a hell to go through but believe me when I say, after you go through hell, you will start seeing heaven and the wonderful place you got into. All I ask is if you are struggling right now, don’t let yourself go down. Rise with the opportunity to build yourself and surround yourself with great people. They will make sure you are doing good and whenever you need, they will be there so no matter what happens, you can always message me on the Oberon Kingdom discord or my instagram.

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