Patch 10.3 notes rundown

Patch 10.3 is already online and I review it with you guys the changes that were made!! Leave a comment regarding what changes you would love to see in the […]

The redemption

Most of us are afraid to take the next step when it comes to love or even the slight chance of it and I guess that’s a different way for […]

Fear of disappointment

We all have it, some more than others but we all have that fear of being disappointed at something we do or create or even at someone we know. It […]

Moving Forward

Moving on from a break up, losing a friend/family member is not easy...

A little short story

Have you ever lost the only reason that was keeping you from ending it all? I did and it was the worst moment of my entire life. I am sure […]

Oberon Coaching Episode 1: Basics of playing ADC

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