The redemption

Most of us are afraid to take the next step when it comes to love or even the slight chance of it and I guess that’s a different way for me to start telling you this story, knowing that the previous ones were more related to myself and how much my life has been changing in the last couple of years. However, I see myself slowly learning that redemption is a good way to stop pushing yourself so hard whenever things don’t seem to be on the bad side. I am saying this because some of my friends always tell me: “Dann, that girl doesn’t seem right for you” or “Dann, you need to be careful, we don’t want you getting hurt again” and I appreciate the care and the love they have for me because I do the same for them but there are times where I need to take the risk, I have to make the jump. I have been watching a lot of drama/romance movies lately and sometimes, I see myself in the main character, the fact that he lets the girl go to another city without at least letting her know how he truly feels or when she confesses to him, he is too afraid to say that he feels the same way, ever since they were younger and I hate it but then I see myself in his shoes and that’s when I understand that it’s not easy to confess how you feel towards other people, it’s not easy to open up but if you never try to do it, you will never know what can happen from that moment. She could be the one for you, she could just be another girl that ends up making you feel special but not the one who is meant to stay with you or she could be simply a girl who teaches you that you can’t trust everyone at first glance just because of what they have shown to you. I know that because I have been in this boat for a while and I also know that there’s a girl looking out for me as I look out for her, somewhere we both got lost in the process of finding each other and we met other people but I still believe that I will find her and I will know that she is the girl I have been looking for because I will simply feel it. That’s what my parents always taught me: No matter how many people pass through your life, good or bad, open books or closed ones, lovey-dovey or not so much, there will be someone that once they cross your life, you will know for sure that they will be there for you as you are there for them. It will simply be the most beautiful thing you will ever experience and I am sure some of you won’t believe me but trust me when I say: We are not meant to end up alone, we are meant to share our life with another person because experiences are better when they are shared with someone. Right now, I am just sitting in my bed, writing this down in my old notebook, the moon is slowly showing up and it’s starting to get dark and I still look at the sky and I feel her presence (I am having a lot of goosebumps while I pour my heart out into this). So if you are reading this, I hope you understand that you will be able to find love, to have your redemption arc. It will take some time but I believe in you champ, I really do.

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