A love story by Nicole

A love story by Nicole

This is based on a true story, but to keep things simple I will use the names Kim and Jasper. It took place during Valentine’s day in 2016. Kim was 23 and Jasper was 25. It might take a while to read through it all but I hope it’s worth it. Here is their story. Enjoy <3

Chapter 1: That figure

On a rainy day after a long day at work, Kim was running through the crowds outside on the street, trying to catch her tram. Just before she reached the door, it closes. She looks with begging eyes at the tram driver, but even though he saw her, he ignored her and took off. Out of breath Kim starts cursing at the world and walks away to the nearest shop to take cover till the next tram came by. As she stood there, she looked inside the shop and her eyes caught the sight of an action figure which she recognised to be from Dragonball Z. She reaches closer to get a better look and a few moments later the guy who works at the shop comes standing next to her. “Hi! How may I help you” he said full of excitement. “Oh I am just looking around” she said a bit surprised. “I see you noticed this figure of Goku. It’s actually created by someone here at work”. Kim was impressed because it looked very professionally crafted. The guy who works at the store then calls over “Hey Dylan, come over here”. As Dylan approaches he starts smiling at Kim. “That’s a very nice figure you got there, well done” Kim tells him. Dylan starts smiling more. “Thanks, I learned it at a workshop where they specialize in creating these models and then 3D printed it when i got back here”. Kim was fascinated because she likes 3D printing as the artist that she is. “Where is this workshop you are talking about” she asked out of curiosity. Dylan wrote out the addresse and as he was handing it over, her tram arrived. So hastily she ran out of the shop saying “Thank you very much, I’m sorry for leaving!” as she just makes it into the tram. Once she found a spot to sit, she takes a look at the piece of paper with the addresse. (That’s pretty nearby) She thought to herself…

Chapter 2: Watch where you’re walking

A few days later, the same thing happens. She runs towards the tram on a rainy day, but the tram leaves just in front of her nose. Bothered she takes out her umbrella. She sees the shop and remembers being there a few days ago. She reaches out to her wallet where she kept the addresse of the workshop. Since it was Friday, there was no rush in reaching back home. So she decided to visit the addresse and take a look since it was a few minutes away. Eventually she finds the shop and she enters the place. At first she was surprised how busy the place was and expected there to be less than 10 people there. She looks around the place, observing the people there. Trying to figure out if they will be nice if she approaches them. Then she looks in the corner and sees a huge banner which says “Valentine’s Day Event!” She walks closer to get a closer look and read the rule. 1 specific section caught her attention which said “Create a figure with the Valentine’s day theme”. As she was looking, a random girl bounces on her. “Hey, watch where you are standing” the girl yells. Kim being offended yells back “how about you watch where you are walking”. The girl started getting furious and yelling out of anger which caught the attention of everyone in the room. Then a loud whistle followed. Kim follows the direction of the sound and sees a man standing there. “Carla, go back to your seat and stop fighting with our guests”. Carla walks away with an angry face and the man starts walking closer to Kim. With a smile he says “I’m sorry about that, she has a hot temper. But welcome to the workshop. I’m Jasper. How may I help you”. Kim notices his eyes and the kindness that it showed. “Uuuh, yeah I was just looking at this wall here” she replied a bit nervous. “Ah the Valentine’s day event. It’s been running for a while now and it comes to a close this Sunday”. As Jasper was explaining more about the event, Kim started dozing off into his eyes, wondering what his story is. Where he is from. What he studied… “…And that’s about it for the event. Do you have any more questions?” Jasper asked. Kim was startled and started turning red as she only heard half of it. “I’m sorry I didn’t quite follow” she said embarrassed. “Hahaha no worries, I’ll go through it again” he said with a smile and started over. Kim felt relieved and happy about his kindness and started smiling while listening…

Chapter 3: 1st place goes to…

It’s Saturday and Kim remembers the talk with Jasper yesterday. She understood the place and decided to enter the event, even though it would end in 2 days. Jasper seemed happy about Kim’s excitement about the event. As a kid she watched anime and there was 1 fox character that she was very fond of. To enter the event she decided to make a pink version of the fox and turn it into a figure. She did a lot of research and found out about everything that’s needed to create the figure. She pulls through all night with the help of coffee to keep her awake and after 24 long hours, her figure was ready. She looks at the time and gets shocked. “It’s 12 AM already?!” she puts on the first few clothes she can find and is on her way out to the workshop. As she enters with her hair a mess, almost an hour late, everyone stares at her including Jasper. There is a long awkward silence and after a few seconds Kim says “Uuuuh, I’m sorry I’m late…”. Jasper replies with a smile “It looks like you walked through a tornado to get here. Come take a seat” and then turns his attention back to the presentation. Kim walks to an open seat as she looks at the presentation, thinking to herself “I didn’t prepare any presentation…”. She is quickly starting to improvise in her head what she will say but a few seconds later she hears “Thank you Carla for your presentation. It looks very solid and I’m impressed. Keep it up!”. Jasper then looks around the room saying “Okay so the last one we will have for the event will be Kim who joined us 2 days ago. I am glad you could make it”. Kim gets nervous so knows that she has to improvise. As she walks to the front she starts shaking while looking at the 50 people in that room. “Uuuhm, I didn’t make a presentation, but this is what I made” as she takes out the pink fox from her bag. Everyone in the room looks surprised as they are admiring the figure. Jasper asks her for the backstory about it and asks a few more questions to which she all gives an answer. “Wow”, Jasper says as he asks her to take a seat. He goes to the front and starts announcing the winners. Kim was desperately hoping to get at least 3rd place. “3rd place goes to: Kevin”. Kim gets sad and then looks at her figure, starting to regret being late and not preparing a presentation. “2nd place goes to: Carla”. Kim looks at Carla, she seems shocked to not be 1st place. Then Kim looks down in her arms, hiding her face. “And the winner of the event. 1st place goes to: Kim” Kim looks up surprised and shocked. “Come on to the front” Jasper asks her. When she stood in front, she saw a 50/50 divided reactions. half seems happy that Kim won. the other half was surprised or straight up angry. Like Carla. “Amazing work. very impressive. here you go” as he hands her the prize. When Kim finally realized she won, her face showed the biggest smile in the world and she knew nothing could ruin her day!


“Congratulations” Jasper told Kim with a smile. There they are again. Those eyes. What do they say? “Uuuhh, Thank you. That was unexpected” She replied. Kim and Jasper take a walk where they talk about the competition. Jasper explains that nobody in that room showed the amount of dedication and excitement for the event as Kim did. That she won because of that aside from the beautiful fox that she made. “Do you live around here?” Jasper asked Kim. “Yes, I live about 15 minutes with the tram from here.” She replied. “Let me give you a ride home. It might be more comfortable.” Kim sees those eyes again. She doesn’t know him, but there is something about those eyes which make her want to trust him. “Yes, I would love that” Kim replied. In the car they start driving, and then suddenly the stomach of Kim starts rumbling. She starts turning red. “Uuuuh, sorry that’s embarrassing” she told Jasper who seemingly started laughing. “How about we go through the McDrive. I’ll pay since you worked hard all night”. Kim happily nods her head. Once they arrive at the McDrive, the line is so long that they decide to park the car and order inside instead. After getting some food for both of them they take a seat and start talking about more personal things. Where they were born, how old they are, what they studied, how many siblings they have… The conversation goes on and on and about 2 hours pass without them realizing. “Oh, look at the time, we should get going” Jasper said. Kim, who enjoyed the conversation a lot, was happy that there was someone who could relate to her and her life. Those eyes were expressing that. They showed that he was honest. Kim was glad to have had this conversation. On the way to the car, Kim starts realizing that she might not see Jasper again and because of this she starts panicking and thinking of ways to keep in touch without sounding too creepy. As she enters the car, she turns silent, and so does Jasper. The awkwardness starts to rise in Kim’s mind and doesn’t know how to ask him. “There we are” Jasper says as they reach the front door of her home. “Thank you for competing and the lovely lunch.” Jasper said. “We should hang out some more, if you are up for it” Kim almost shouted out very nervously. People walking by looked up surprised and Jasper got a bit surprised as well. Then the surprised look turned into a smile. “Ofcourse, let me write down your number” he replied. Kim who was still nervous said her number as he was noting it down. “See you soon then, Miss Kim” Jasper said as he drove off. Kim fell down on her knees, relieved that she pulled through that situation. Then starts smiling and laughing out loud. “AAAAAH” she screamed out of happiness…

Chapter 5: Will you…

A few days pass. Kim and Jasper speak to eachother almost every day on the phone. Sending eachother messages, calling, sharing how their day was and what they think about certain topics. Over time they got more attached to each other and more start feeling more comfortable. They started sharing more personal secrets with eachother, knowing that they can trust eachother. Although they knew that they were friends, they never called eachother friends, Kim was secretly hoping to be more than friends and was hoping that Jasper felt the same way. Then 13 February arrives and all the figures that were created for the event start being displayed during the exposition. Kim and Jasper work together a lot with setting all of that up. Laughing together, smiling as they move around the entire building. In the evening when everyone left and it was just Jasper and Kim left, they start finishing up the final parts for the exposition the next day. “Alright, finally we are done” Kim said relieved. “Indeed, you did great today” Jasper replied as they sit down and he grabs a drink for them both. Kim, who has slowly been developing a bigger crush towards Jasper sees his face and gets lost in thoughts. “Those eyes, the beard, the hair, his voice…” she stares at his face for a few seconds as Jasper asks “Everything okay Kim?” Kim gets surprised and realized that she has been staring “Uuuh yeah, sorry I dozed off” as she shifts her attention to anything else in the room. “I was thinking…” Jasper started off as Kim starts looking back into his direction. “There has been been thought floating around in my head for a while now” Jasper continued as Kim was carefully listening. “Can I have a better look at your eyes? There seems to be something special about them”. Kim’s heart starts beating faster. She wants to reply yes, but she can’t seem to bring out any sound. Instead she just nods her head yes. Jasper stands up and approaches her. He starts looking at her eyes. His face is so close to her face that she starts getting shy and nervous. Kim starts hiding her face with her hands as she closes her eyes. Then she feels the gentle touch of soft fingers on the back of her head and his thumbs on both her cheeks. Kim slowly moves her hands down and opens her eyes. There it is, his smile. That look in his eyes. That feeling going through her entire body. But this time it was different. She was allowed to stare back into those eyes. They stand there for 10 whole seconds, not making a sound. “You have really beautiful eyes” Jasper says. “So do you” Kim replies nervously. Jasper starts smiling and comes closer to her face. The tips of their noses touch eachother, still staring eachother in the eyes. Kim closes her eyes. Jasper slowly comes closer, till their lips start touching each other. Kim wraps her arms around him as they start kissing each other in the middle of the room, close to midnight. They stand there, kissing eachother for about 30 seconds. Then Jasper slowly moves away and looks at her face. Both of them smiling “You are beautiful Kim” he says. She smiles nervously and starts hiding her face again. “Will you be my Valentine” Jasper continues. Kim looks up at his face again with a smile. “YES” she replies full of excitement. Everything feels right for both of them. As they give eachother a final look, they start kissing each other again. This is where my story ends, and their story begins. A valentine’s day that they won’t be forgetting for the rest of their lifes. (And they lived happily ever after as they say in the movies)

The end.


Nicole Skins

Nicole Skins

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